There is an increasing demand for smaller homes

Smaller properties require less maintenance, as do new homes built on subdivided sections, and the demand form an ageing population for smaller homes is rising. We are seeing a growing trend of people searching for smaller, more affordable residences that are in areas close to the shops and town or city. Housing affordability has been the biggest election issue for four elections.

To provide freedom of choice

Generating value from your property provides you with the choice to invest, travel, and enjoy your freedom while still maintaining your quality of life from your existing home.

It provides a flexible investment

Subdividing offers multiple investment solutions. Depending on your strategy, and the property size and subdivision rules, a subdivided block gives you choice – including stand alone home, triplex or multi-unit development. It also provides you with a number of revenue raising options including renting the properties, selling all of the units, selling some of the units and renting the others or living in one of the units and renting or selling the others.

Interest rates are staying low

When interest rates are low it means borrowing money at a much lower rate, which makes things more affordable for property developers. This is especially great for those that are looking to get into the market. Investment into a bank is not gaining the rewards that property has been achieving over the last 6-8 years.

The Kapiti Coast is booming

With the new expressway and transmission Gully improving travel times to Wellington, the better weather and lifestyle, Kapiti is providing development opportunities for small subdivisions where sales times are on average three weeks.