Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team of surveyors, planners, civil engineers, and drafters are highly experienced at the design and execution of land development. It is what we do. Every property and every client have unique circumstances. We are dedicated to working with our clients to provide pragmatic advice and solutions that contribute to achieving their ambitions for their properties, whilst contributing to sustainable and vibrant communities and environments.

We value strong and long-term relationships with our clients and community stakeholders.

The Landlink Team is led by Paul Turner, a Landlink owner and director.  

Paul has close to 40 years of successful experience in Land Development and has owned and directed Landlink for 25 years. While working with clients on many developments he has demonstrated expertise in strategic planning, project management, and business development. Paul has a deep understanding of the land development industry achieving exceptional results and is committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and integrity. Having managed multimillion dollar projects from conceptual design to completion, Paul has built a strong network of industry relationships and strategic partnerships, resulting in increased business opportunities and successful collaborations for our clients. His excellent communication and interpersonal skills are demonstrated in his ability to build and maintain effective relationships with stakeholders at all levels. Clients have been rewarded because of his strategic thinking, his many insights to market trends and his exceptional problem-solving and decision-making abilities. He leads a dedicated team of professionals, fostering a collaborative work environment and promoting a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. 

Our Planning Team 

Our planning team is experienced in rural, urban, and regional planning. We do all things planning, from resource consents to rezoning applications and navigating plan changes. However, our specialty is subdivisions where our planners meticulously envision well-designed communities that foster functionality, artistry, and a sense of place for current and future generations.We are excited for the growth of medium density in the district and are actively focusing on bringing urban design and comprehensive development strategies through to fruition. This is all enabled through collaboration with our colleagues, Landlink’s engineering and surveying teams. 

Our Civil Engineering Team 

Our civil engineers bring your development to life with robust, efficient, and resilient infrastructure solutions. With extensive land development experience, our team deeply understands local requirements and actively engages in all phases of your project, from concept to completion.  Expert in handling both large and small-scale projects, we are committed to applying best engineering practices to ensure quality and value. Our integrated approach with our planning and surveying teams, mean we excel in delivering time-tested, reliable solutions and adeptly navigate the regulatory changes inherent in the dynamic field of land development. 

Our Survey Team 

Integral to our holistic approach is our team of experienced and dedicated land surveyors who combine their expertise with state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate and efficient surveying services. They navigate intricate terrain, mapping out precise dimensions and geographical characteristics. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that our designs are grounded in precise data, enabling informed decision-making, and smoothly executed projects. Our surveying team aims to create both excellent individual survey products and work with our wider Landlink team on subdivisions and developments.

Our Admin Team 

Our admin team play a crucial role in managing the day-to-day operations and ensuring the smooth functioning of our organization. They work collaboratively to provide comprehensive support to the company and its employees whilst maintaining a healthy, safe, well-organized, and efficient workplace environment. Additionally, they are skilled in managing communication, both externally with clients and stakeholders, as well as internally among different departments and team members. They are always ready to assist with inquiries and provide any necessary information promptly and effectively.This dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional administrative support, streamlining operations, and contributing to the overall success of our land development company.

In Summary 

Our team and culture are built on a foundation of professionalism, respect, integrity and a commitment to betterment for our clients and stakeholders. We believe in open and transparent communication, where everyone’s voice is heard, and constructive feedback is valued. We also strive to create a positive and supportive atmosphere where team members can thrive personally and professionally. We embrace courage through innovation and creativity, and we constantly seek betterment of our processes, technologies, and strategies. We promote collaboration across our departments and teams, recognizing that the best solutions come from diverse perspectives working together towards a common goal. Our culture encourages a balanced approach to projects, social responsibility, and a sense of purpose, as we strive to make a positive impact, so we leave our world in better shape. At Landlink, embracing our culture is not just about the work we do, but also about how we do it. It is about fostering a balanced, supportive, and inclusive environment, encouraging personal and professional growth, resulting in the betterment of in our communities. We are proud to have a culture that reflects our values and guides us in everything we do.